Ночной режим / Night mode

For many operations with the text you need every time to perform operations that require you to fill out forms, the introduction of certain data in the input fields and more. To simplify these tasks, and perform in an automatic mode of operation with the text, we will create a temporary file on your desktop that will help us to edit the text, and then delete this file, but first put its contents to the clipboard in order to paste data into the document. All of these actions, we will be using a unique program to automate actions on your computer – RoboTask.
Скрипт для RoboTask

So, in order to understand the process, we need to take some of the previous lessons.
First, you must know how to create transactions in this program. We will use one of the actions, which creates a table in HTML format.
First we need to create a table, then to her to introduce a special code that would generate a certain number of rows, and then create a text file on the desktop and took out the data.
Thus, we will do the following:
We will introduce several input fields for our table. Mostly it will be data in cells.
After you create the variables, moving on, and install all the data to determine the table itself (if you haven’t done so already).
Now create a temporary file, which by default will be on your desktop.
The next step we run the program, and more specifically, our text file in a text editor program.
After that individual action are waiting for waiting from him to enter some text.
To determine the number of rows we need to create a variable, it will be called NUMBERSTROKE.
Here is more details how to create loops.
Inside the loop, the following occurs:
The quantity that we previously entered in the input field, defined as the number of variable NUMBERSTROKE.
While this period – from 1 to NUMBERSTROKE, we edit our text as we want. That is, for example, we know that we must have 14 lines except the first (which is a different style). Action in a loop specifies that from 1 to 14 times he would perform those actions which will include within it (cycle).
After manipulating in a loop where we have created several lines (14 in our example), we copy all the text in a text file (which as you remember is on the desktop).
Cut out the text and change it to the entire table, but… is the 2nd line substitute the value defined in the cycle is the number of rows. So we will have a table already with the desired number of rows inside it.
Put all the data into the clipboard and delete a text file in the recycle bin from the desktop.
create a temporary text file as follows:
You don’t have to create a separate document to correct the text.
The action can be run not only in a text editor, because the file will mount by itself.
All data is processed without your participation (with the ability to create such scripts, of course).