Script for RoboTask – table creation in HTML

Create in the RoboTask operation, which will allow us to convert any text field into a table, but rather make it subject to input various data. This action demonstrates the effect of tagging and their interaction in the copied text.
Скрипт для RoboTask

Let’s start with the establishment of action – to do this, go to the program and click on the plus icon. Call it their requirements, I would be described as Create table in HTML….
If you need comments when you create a transaction, you will be able to do it, so you do not forget the essence of the actions and their sequence.
So, create 4 fields Input Box and set there the appropriate values.
In the first of them write the name of the variable and the tooltip that will popup when playing an action.
In the second window, perform similar actions in fields, changing only the name of the variable, and hints.
Inside the 3-rd and 4-th Windows write the options you want, and move on to the phase of the operation.
Create a variable and set the value for it in the form of the copied text. This will allow you to use it as change the text and tags within an action.
Set all the following data is: width is by default taken as the value to 800 pixels, height – automatic creation, table cell border, the distance between the columns, etc.
After all the basic values are set, proceed to the creation of cells and rows in the table, or to be more precise, the establishment of values that should be in these fields.
This is the percentage of our cells in the row. By default I recommend to put 50%, because in the future you will be able to change this value if necessary.
Each of the cells should contain its own set of tags, so that specific action is advised to pay attention to. In the example that I use in one of my projects.
Next are the columns and their values: width and direction.
By default we will have 2 rows with 2 cells, so the code would be as follows:
Now comes the moment of truth, when all the data you need to structure and create the table.
To do this, take a value called STR Replace and write inside it what is presented in the picture above.
If you decipher the data that is shown in the figure, we get: source string – the contents of the clipboard to find – the same value as a replacement – you need to look for all records that include the result in the variable, here the variable name, which by default will be TABLE.
Now take this value and put it in the clipboard. The transaction meets action Put Text.
Remove unneeded variables from process memory, unless you want to then double if you run this action.
I only brought one – percent of the first cell, but you need to remove all the variables.
After these steps, we simply insert text from the clipboard.

Скрипт для RoboTask