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Responsive Tables – Editor – a unique component of building the adaptive tables for Joomla. In many modern patterns are adaptive versions of those components, so this extension is perfect solution for normal version and mobile counterpart.
Responsive Tables - Editor

You can just touch the table and then move it with the fingers of the hand left or right. The second method of constructing the tables will be flipping their method of scrolling (in the mobile version of the site). Button located at the bottom of the editor screen Joomla.
You can choose how the responsive layout for the data table: horizontal scrolling or flipping.
To quickly find the desired plugin in the plugin Manager, You need to enter its name.
To get the difference between normal and mobile version of the table, You need to go to your device and try to move the table.
Easy and intuitive table editor with the responsive layout.
Free extension Joomla.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.