Ночной режим / Night mode

Responsivizer – super app for Joomla 3, and also the decision to change the primary template for the mobile version of the website. Now the entire site can be installed as an adaptive version of the main template, all that is required is to install and configure this component.

Only a few sequential steps, this easy solution will allow you to install the template version for mobile devices, tablets, etc.
Make a website running Joomla convenient for display on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and other mobile applications. Besides the basic functions, you will be able to make a version with additional domains or resources – is already built into the component.
Responsivizer is also the solution for very fast display of the template, unlike even the most powerful engines in the configuration of Joomla. Present all the data that will help to create a really beautiful and quick pattern.
In addition, the component designed to change core files “on the fly”, i.e. you only need to configure several modules and verify them through the admin panel.
Google announced April 21, 2015 that the sites which load quickly and have a mobile version, are ranked above the competition.
Detect mobile devices and auto switch
The native application for the configuration and simulation of mobile devices
The inclusion and exclusion elements of the site – modules
Adaptation to every Joomla site – thanks to engine and universal template
Caching – use HTML5 offline caching to make the page available in case of connection loss
The device emulator integrated in Joomla!
Compression and image optimization – boost your website
Redirect – create redirects to specified page