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IN this review I will assess gaming chair from Tesoro. The company was founded in 2011 and sponsored professional e-sports team before launched any products. Thus, he obtained many (positive) reviews from the get-go, and that’s why Tesoro was one of the first who introduced full N-key rollover with the possibility of programming each separate key on their keyboards. The keyboard of this brand was also one of the first with RGB backlight. The purpose Tesoro is developing modern and elegant products of high quality and innovative technology at an affordable price.

THeir game the chair “real Madrid” simulates the VIP seats installed in the stadium “Santiago Bernabeu”. The sporty design of the bucket seats prestige cars is another obvious choice, Tesoro. The seat upholstery is made of polyurethane and are available in two basic colours, black or white. This chair is wide enough for users weighing up to 120 kg (264,55 lb). Its ergonomics includes all the usual features found in modern gaming chairs and it costs 349,99 euros.


  • Gaming Chair “real Madrid”
  • Features
  • Model color black with logo and colours
  • Two Color Availability: Black And White
  • Type Foam
  • Foam Cold Cure
  • Color: Yellow
  • upholstery Material faux leather
  • Color Embroidery Logo
  • real Madrid C. F. logo
  • Frame Material
  • Metal
  • Total height with base 124-132 cm (48,81-51,96 inch.)
  • Width and height of the seat back
  • 55 cm x 78 cm (21.65 x 30,70 inches.)
  • adjustable Backrest
  • up To 150°
  • Width, depth and seat height
  • 52.5 cm X 55 cm x 38,5-46,5 cm
  • (20.66 x 21.65 x 15.15-18.30 inches.)
  • Width and length of the armrest 9 cm-25 cm (3.54-9.84 in.)
  • Armrests Yes, adjustable: 3D
  • five-star base 350 mm (13.77 in.), painted steel
  • Oscillating mechanism-Yes Max. 150°
  • Maximum User Weight
  • 120 kg (264,55 lb)
  • Casters / wheel material 60 mm (2.36 in.), nylon
  • gross Weight of 27.5 kg (60.62 lb)
  • net Weight 22.8 kg (50,26 lb)
  • 2 year Warranty in the EU
  • 1 year for the rest of the world
  • Price at time of review $349.99 (excluding VAT). VAT) in USA
  • €349.99 (incl. 19% VAT) in the EU


A Huge cardboard box contains all the parts of the chair. You will find all the basic information about the company and product on the packaging. On one side was placed an illustrated photo of the stadium


ALl the contents are well protected inside the hard pack, and an additional plastic membrane provides extra protection.

THis package includes the following:

  • Base / seat with armrest (2x) pre-installed
  • butterfly Mechanism
  • Protective covers with two screws
  • Headrest
  • five-star base
  • Class-4 class gas lift
  • caster Wheels (5x)
  • Illustrated installation guide
  • Informational brochure
  • Hexagon
  • Screws-S (4x)
  • Screws-L (4x)
  • Split washer (8x)
  • Flat washer (4x)
  • Plastic cover screws (x4)
  • Insurance strap buckle
  • Cushion for lower back support
  • the Headrest-support-pillow

The installation Guide is a simple illustrated manual without any text. According to the manual, there are only six steps to assemble the chair. However, if you find it difficult to assemble it, this model of a chair like the others, so you can watch almost any video of the Assembly of the chair. In greeting the leaflet of the product is used luxury printed paper and, apparently, it was written by madridista, so she’s definitely dedicated to the fans of “real Madrid C. F.”!

IF you prefer an electronic version, and the description of the product and the user manual can be downloaded from the website Tesoro.

First impression

IF you are a fan of real Madrid you like this chair, because it reminds them VIP seats in the stadium. Although I personally do not prefer any one club to another, I really like Tesoro promoted this special chair. It has a neat design with the club colours running through the backrest and seat. PU upholstery seems durable enough to withstand granted a two-year warranty (in the EU), and because it can be done in either black or white, it may be a good match for any living room, which fans will appreciate, as they would like to watch your favourite football team on TV!

BAck and seat less compared to the chairs with support for users up to 150 kg (330,69 lbs) for 30 kg (66,13 lb) more than what it’s designed gaming chair Tesoro Real Madrid. As mentioned, this chair has all-pervading inspiration of the design of the bucket seat, so the backrest and seat have contoured edges. Overall, the stitching seems well done, although the backrest cover shows some very minor defects. Impressive as a giant pillow for lower back support—it invites us to use it!


Let’s Start with the dimensions of the seats.


The Back has a width of 55 cm at shoulder level and length of 78 cm (21.65 x 30,70 inches).). The rear part of the backrest has a clean design that shows off its wide dimensions. On this side also was a logo of real Madrid.

BEcause this chair can accommodate a user weight up to 120 kg (264,55 lb), the frame is made of metal. As shown in the figure above, the frame has raised edges as on the back and on the seat. The contoured edges of the back slope outward, which means that users will not feel as if they are chained to a chair, regardless of their size.

MEtal frame covered in moulded cold cure foam is produced using low-temperature heat, and it is neither soft nor hard. It feels comfortable, and its depreciation is large enough so it completely covers the metal frame.

Anyone who knows the history of real Madrid, immediately recognizes that the year embroidered on the headrest, – the Year of the founding of the club, and that his corresponding colors are along the back and seat. The front portion of the back divided into three or rather four divisions. Four mainly because the middle part is separated from its round edges. This was done in order to lumbar support belts were held-the main part of the mid-again divided into three parts. A large part of the middle covered with a yellow embroidered pattern of diagonal lines. The other part consists of three main colors of the club. Artificial padding of the last part has no pattern and mimics real skin—it also seems thick enough for heavy use over a long period of time.

BAckrest reclines 150° and can be locked in defined positions by means of a small but tenacious lever on the right side of the seat. Plastic bits have two holes for bolts to go through them and clip the seat back. Fortunately, Tesoro put the appropriate plastic cover to hide the holes with the bolts.

THis chair also features a tilt mechanism that allows it to swing back and forth depending on the weight of the user. The backrest and seat can be locked in a certain position or set so that they freely swayed with the lever on the left side under the seat. In addition, the resistance of the slope can weaken or harden with the knob under the seat.

AS I mentioned, this chair has a clean design which lets Shine the colors and emblem of real Madrid. The front part of the backrest has only the year of Foundation of the club and colors. Pillows to support neck and lower back include club emblem and the name, so removing them will leave the front portion without any significant references to the club in General.

ON the rear panel are all different, as the club’s emblem, and the name was embroidered below the holes for the strap.

The Hole for belt has a belt buckle on the back of the backrest, which secures the strap to the cushion support neck extending through the hole. If too low, you can also remove the safety belt buckle and secure the strap around the support of the head is a few inches of height.


The Seat has a width of 52.5 cm and a length of 55 cm,and its height from the floor can be controlled between 38.5 to 46.5 cm wide enough, and although there are contoured edges, the entire seat is available for use. However, pillow for lumbar back support is a large space, leaving users with just 42 cm (16.53 inch). As the backrest, the seat surface is also divided into four parts. Both sides have round edges and the middle has a yellow embroidered pattern of diagonal lines, followed by three colors of the club. The rest is made from impeccable faux leather.

The Seam everywhere the yellow that matches the aesthetics of the chair. Chair height ranged from 124 to 132 cm (48,81 x 51,96 inch).) and can be adjusted using the lever under the right side of the seat. The profile of the seat assumes the presence of rich content, especially in the center. There is no mention either about the company or about the club on the seat.

Pillows to support neck and lower back

The Two cushions are filled with memory foam, which feels soft and comfortable even after long hours of use. The smaller of them designed to support the neck and has embroidered the symbol of the club. The seat belt is attached to the seatback with protective buckle. However, the strap may also pass through the upper part of the head restraint, as in other gaming chairs, without the use of a safety buckle.

The Big pillow provides lumbar support and is attached to the back of the chair. Its straps are concealed behind the front Central part and have a buckle that you can detach. Removing and especially installing can be difficult because access to the buckle is very difficult. Pillow for lumbar back support is the name of the club, and on its lower left side-the three colors of the club. In the upper right corner there is a small bend in the trim.

the chair

The Armrests three-dimensional (3D), which means that they move for height, forwards and backwards, and clockwise.

The Gasket on these armrests seems tight and there is a button for height adjustment. Two other adjustments are performed by pressing the armrests in the right direction. In addition, inside of each arm there is a metal rod for height adjustment-it has the color of anthrax or weapons of metal.

five-star base, gas lift and cast wheels

Five-star base made of steel and has a 350 mm (13.77 inches).) diameter. It is covered with matte black paint and seems quite tough. Gas lift class 4 can accommodate the stated user weight limit 120 kg (264,55 lb), and five rollers made of nylon and measure 60 mm (2.36 in) in diameter. Nice detail of the design is that they look like car wheels. They roll smoothly like on a flat surface and carpet.

BAck and seat are of satisfactory size, but I wish the seat was a little longer for a better grip with his legs. My legs seem a little lean to the floor instead to be smooth, cushion lumbar back support is a significant part of the length of the seat. Given that I’m short, higher users will also face this problem and are more pronounced than I am. Knees should be on the seat. Cushioning for the seat is quite large, especially in the middle, but the contoured edges do not have enough. When you slightly compress the raised edge, you can feel the metal frame.

PIllow for neck support is in the optimum position, at least for little people like me. Filling both pillows, most likely, is the memory foam that makes them comfortable. With the help of a lumbar support pillow attached to the back, you can adjust its height. However, to remove it if you don’t need it, it is difficult, and to put in place-even more so. At the end of each strap has a safety buckle which secures the pillow and quite difficult to handle since both of them are hidden inside the backrest. You can get used to it once you get to him several times, but you can also damage the upholstery or even shock absorption inside after too many attempts. I would like to remove it, just to see if I fit in better with the seat, but I found it quite difficult and time consuming to do it where I didn’t do it.

The Lever of the tilt a bit small, but its grip is good. – Reclining 150° is well suited in order to lean back and enjoy a good football match or relax between intensive work or gaming sessions. Under the seat there are two levers, one for height and another to lock/unlock the tilt. Both levers feature bands to prevent slipping of the fingers.

I Would like the arm height adjustment was slightly shifted towards the rear of the seat, because attempts to adjust the height were associated with the armrest, but that meant I had to stand up and lean forward. The same applies to swinging the lever lock/unlock, although it is in a somewhat better position, because not to require so much effort. The chair swings freely depending on the weight of the user, but it’s pretty hard. I really tried to ease the tension with the knob, but it probably requires more difficult to effectively rock back and forth. In fact, other users who are heavier than me, easily rocked back and forth.

The Armrests are a typical size, and the padding is quite hard. They easily adapt and seem to be durable enough to withstand abuse. However, their plastic quality could be higher, considering the price. Actually, in this price range I would like to see in 4D instead of 3D armrests.

PU Upholstery of my sample has some defects on the left and right sides of the backrest, the headrest and in the middle of the front of the backrest. It seems that the padding was stretched harder on one side during manufacture. In addition, there is a turnoff on the right side of the lumbar cushion support.

What I almost always point out, is open the bolts on the plastic bits on the sides of the seat. Tesoro thought about it, and supplied bolts with plastic caps.

The Rollers in this chair with a good roll, and I found that they roll smoothly even on thick carpets.


  • Officially real Madrid C. F. licensed
  • Comfortable back and seat
  • Gas lift class 4
  • Steel frame
  • Adjustable size
  • tilting Mechanism
  • Pillows for lower back support and neck
  • Sit in 150 degree
  • Castors 60 mm with nice design details
  • Satisfactory maximum supported weight (120 kg, which is 264,55 lb) for its size
  • Available in two colours
  • isn’t available
  • you Should use 4D instead of 3D armrests
  • the Seat should be a little bit longer
  • Some visual drawbacks with polyurethane padding
  • Lack of cushioning in the contoured edges of the seat
  • Two levers under the seat should be placed a little further to the rear
  • Slightly hard swinging mechanism for users weighing less than 60 kg
  • two year guarantee is very little for a product with such a price tag

I Reviewed a lot of gaming chairs upholstered in PU in various color combinations. Some of them made quite a strong impression thanks to its ergonomics and high build quality, while others were just satisfactory. Whenever the company launches a special product, she does it to attract the attention of a large crowd. Then these products should follow some specific guidelines for the design to attract the attention of these consumers. Tesoro, it seems, is on a good path, because now he also managed to make a deal with “real Madrid C. F.”, a huge brand.

THis design chair can be used in a gaming environment, and in the fan room. Both the available colors, black and white, good, offering a classic look that will almost never go out of style. The fans of real Madrid will surely be delighted, because Tesoro has focused on the correct representation of the colors of the logo and the name “real”. Overall build quality also seems to be a serious attempt to reach the League of manufacturers of high-quality gaming chairs, but before Tesoro get there, there is still much work to be done. The upholstery is made of PU last a long time—it can easily survive provided a guarantee. While you care for him and clean it with warm water and mild soap as needed, it will not peel off and will last for many years.

PRovided ergonomics includes all the necessary features that you now expect from a chair with such a price tag. As already mentioned, the most important aspect is how it feels after a few hours of use. I prefer the upholstered chairs hard. Neither too soft nor too hard, and the back and the seat is quite soft, as far as I can tell. Cushion filled with memory foam, comfortable, although the pillow for lumbar support seems cumbersome, I would not change it for another—if only the seat was longer.

Something else I liked is the fact that Tesoro provides a plastic cover for the holes on the plastic bits of the seat, which is a visual item that matches the overall a quite pleasant appearance of the chair. As has been said, nothing is perfect, which is true for gaming chair “real”. In my sample I noticed some flaws in the upholstery, which some might not consider too important. In addition, three-dimensional armrests are not suitable for the asking price, and that means this seat most likely more expensive than it should be because of licensing, and four-dimensional armrests would increase its price tag.