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Online editor – quick remove background from photos

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Very quick background removal on any photo service, including allowing you to remove the background and with people who have curly hair. The use of the online editor are free, but only for standard definition images, but for HD quality you will have to pay… cover created solely for one purpose: background removal from the photo, making it from one side of a target action, with another – not universal unlike Adobe Photoshop. But of course, this online service provides an API that makes it more interesting for batch processing rather than graphical editor.
What image formats are supported?
There is support for JPG and PNG images with a max file size of 8 MB. Each photo must contain at least one person to handle. The result will be a PNG with transparency and alpha channel. It is recommended to try first the free version to see the results of your expectations.
What resolution files will be in the end?
You can upload photos in any resolution. Output file and its resolution for HD images up to 4 megapixels, based on the results of the original image. Conventional photography – 0.25 megapixels.
For whom the API?
You can use our API for integration into your website, app, or other product. Available simple HTTP-based interface with various options. Also available all helpful documentation.
What are the requirements for adoption of the API?
If you integrate our API, you must add your product to our terms of use:
Backgrounds images are removed using
This option is not needed for tariff plans, Professional and Business.
How letters of credit work?
They assist tariff plans, you can also use them to remove backgrounds on your website or integrate our API into your app.