Related Items Extended is a great module for Joomla, as it allows you to upgrade similar articles and put them in a specific format. This may be a separate popup block or list of materials at the bottom of articles.

Related Items Extended

This extension is the only option of its kind – at least that’s all I could find. And it’s really full doing its job – to bring similar materials at the bottom of the screen of your website.

Besides the basic functions of the module you can select adaptive layout, fast action script, different display options. Above shows a variation of the standard design.

You can find the pop-up unit for light and dark themes Joomla.

Of course, to change to Russian language module, you will need to be corrected. How to do it, you can read one of our articles entitled How to translate the extension in Joomla.

Everything you need to install the extension is to download the module, enable it and configure the necessary settings.


The ability to install your design options.
The drop-down list at the bottom of the screen or the table at the bottom of the material.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.



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