Photoshop lessons

Creating textures in Photoshop

Today we will create a normal texture in Adobe Photoshop. For this we need a minimum of action. You can also create your action for this operation, of course, if you want to do it on a regular basis.
Создание обычных теней в Фотошоп

Duplicate the layer with the required object to which you want to substitute the shadow. Press Ctrl + J.
It is best to do data manipulation with a photo that has no background or pre – delete it- so processing will take much less time.
Now obestsvechivaya the newly created layer and placing it below the original.
Next with the arrow keys on the keyboard move the black and white layer down so that he was like a shadow of our object.
Reduce the opacity of the shadow layer by about 30%. Thus, we get a more natural look of our shadow for the item.
If you don’t like this shade, or it needs to improve, it is better to use another treatment option:
1. Create a mask for the shadow layer.
2. Apply the mask with a gradient from black to white.
All – ready!

Создание обычных теней в Фотошоп