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ReDJ component redirects in the CMS Joomla


The component that I use already for a long time, is an extension called ReDJ. It is a unique property for the referral links and control their aliases.


ReDJ allows to manage URL redirection (useful for URL aliases, and managing redirections from old to new pages). Will be no more unexpected errors 404 (page not found).
Setting up associations from old to new URLS, all links from old pages will be moved to the new one.
Creating an alias is very simple – you add a new item and alias and the real path of the URL.
For example, you page: https://мой_сайт.ru/статьи/home.html is outdated and you need to replace it to the new address, which is the link: https://мой_сайт.ru/статьи/главная.html.
Click the Create button.
In the From URL put the old value relative to site root, i.e. /статьи/home.html and the URL To insert a new link in full, ie https://мой_сайт.ru/статьи/главная.html
Redirect, depending on destination, set in its discretion. If it is constant, it stays in position 301 (Moved Permanently).
The status must be marked as Published.
Clicking the Errors tab you can see which links point to nonexistent pages, and which ones need to be corrected.


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