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Online website Builder Redham red ham or pepper?

Онлайн конструктор сайтов Redham

The main part of the designers provides a mixed functional and optimal tool often takes a long time, therefore the timing of a site considerably delayed. In the program :Redham: on the contrary, all the elements to change the design and content are separated, which greatly simplifies and accelerates the procedure of launching a commercial portal. Thus, an online designer :Redham: suitable for opening all types of commercial sites. Moreover, the resources developed with it, include the standard set (text, video and images) and software code.

Онлайн конструктор сайтов Redham

To register just go to the designer page and click on the “Create” and then enter in the form that appears, email address, password and tick the confirmation that the user has familiarized himself with all conditions. Then click on the button “Create”. Immediately after this, the specified address will receive a message from the service with words of gratitude for using the services.
The set of available templates
All of the proposed templates is one idea of the business, so the options available are classified based on the difficulty of “finishing”.
In General, available to more than 50 pieces. There are also a number of universal templates that it is possible to adjust the focus of their own business.
Administrative panel
After the template is selected and defined by its color scheme, press Select, which will take you into the administrative part. In case you have any questions about create a resource on the platform :Redham: contact “Help” section. The user then enters the designer surface. In the upper part is the main menu where you can change to any section of the administration panel. But first, let us consider the function of the visual designer.

The functionality of visual designer
The principle of operation of the designer based on the blocks. By clicking on a page element opens a separate window with settings. However, this only applies to headers, blocks, fields, or directory links.

Configuration of the main parts is via the side menu where you can change the style of navigation bar, page content (text colors, font size), text, caps, set a different background resource. Any changes saved in the bottom panel, by pressing the appropriate key.

This online website Builder :Redham: provides use to design each page in a variety of subjects. Because of this, you can easily share developed a portal into several parts. For example, if you plan business and implementation of related products.
To edit the content of the site go to “Pages”, where by dragging change the order of the pages and created new ones.
On the right side of the list of pages provided useful recommendations for beginners. To go into the built-in editor, you must select from the appropriate list and click on “Edit”:

Built-in functionality allows to solve following tasks:

edit the text;
add forms, social button and other design elements;
add pictures;
changing the entire structure of template web pages.

Opportunities online store
In the section “Products” you can edit the product catalog, create a new category. In the tab “Settings” you are allowed to change fields on forms to customize the display of the basket, to specify all the options of delivery and payment, enter the mail to connect to Yandex.Market, etc.

In the tab “Users” are stored the contacts listed in the registration. They are used to organize the distribution.

Statistics are found in the Reports section, allowing you to track performance, organize promotional campaigns, and statistics of the website.

Designer provides three tariffs. It is wiser to pay for the services once in 12 months.


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