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Recently I came across an interesting online service called Photopea:, which allows you to upload PSD files with layers and edit them similar to the popular photo editor Photoshop. In addition, online editor PSD can almost all eminent fellow – resize images, work with masks and separate layers, create smart objects and apply various filters and more.
Редактор psd

Let’s look at just some of the features of this online editor PSD files.
First, you can load and save your creations in PSD format, which means the flexibility of the solution and processing as in the official app – Photoshop and follow-up in this service.

As for blend modes and blending layers, then all is good: you can add text or image gloss, reduce layer opacity, etc.

All options to list pointless, since they are in the Photoshop, and they are described as on our website and many other resources. Just want to commend the editor operation speed and to pay attention to the flaw in the definition of options and settings.

Filters is the basis of a photo editor. If you need to apply on the photo a specific filter, then there are more interesting solutions (the tab with the online photo editor, for example). Also present here are those that necessarily have to be in any editor of this kind.

Working with text is a little upset as it was not initially clear that you need to take the Text tool and start to fix the existing sign. In Photoshop I use by double-clicking on the text (in the layers panel). However, this setting allows you to create and adjust the text data to change their position and much more.

Pleased but the option to highlight the transformation of text and other layers, which helps to quickly implement changes in them. This is particularly relevant for text and objects.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the editor PSD is a great opportunity to quickly edit the files in this format without installing Photoshop or other software on your computer.