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The Redaction plugin for Joomla

Discussed in today’s lesson will focus on the Redaction plugin, which is designed to hide the sponsored links from the website.

Плагин Redaction для Joomla

This plugin is needed for those who want to be the resource was not littered with references to the type Powered by 🙂
For this solution, and released a great plugin. With it you can configure what links to keep and which to remove.
For example, you have a site worth a paid module, which includes a link to the resource where it was made. But here is the design of your site is not suitable, and for website promotion, too 😉
Set the Redaction in the plugin settings and set the following code:
p a,/
But this code removes the link to the site if it is located between the tags
What to do in other cases?
Write code for the class “credit”:
*.credits a,/
The solution for those who have not obtained with the first embodiment.
There is also another version of the code
p.credits a,/
A more detailed analysis of the Redaction on the forum of the manufacturer of the plugin.


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