We begin our lesson about the red eye in Photoshop, but rather about how to clean and restore the natural pictures.

So, we will need a picture with someone who is clearly not the hue of the iris of the eye, which required a normal person.

To improve the existing situation, we need to take the tool Red Eye Tool and fix red eyes in a dark color.

But, what if the photo is not very good or just don’t do the things that were standard tools?

Take the tool Lasso Tool or Elliptical Marquee Tool and make the selection so to capture only the pupil of the eye. If you want you can make a feather of 2 pixels to the edge of the selection wasn’t too visible after editing.

Now go to the channels panel, choose Blue, copy it using Ctrl+C.

Then inserted in turn copied the information from blue to red and green channel, by pressing hotkeys Ctrl+V activate the RGB channel.