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ReReplacer – replace content in Joomla articles

Regular expressions

ReReplacer is a 2 in one – component and system plugin that allows the site administrator to change any content in Joomla articles.

ReReplacer can help you edit the material at times. With it, you will be on the fly changing of different tags and the content of your articles.
For example, you can edit in HTML mode edit all the tags for the other or to delete unnecessary padding, not the rules of each individual material on the website.
Proceed to the settings component. Looking for panel administrative tools ReReplacer and go to advanced mode use.
Create a new item/object.
Give the name and description of the object for quick access.
In the search box, we score the data that is to be found in the text of the document.
In the replace field write the data you want to replace the materials when the search text.
If you want to replace all words that begin with the words “Cat” and we want to replace it with the word “Dog” then write in the search box “Cat” and replace “Dog”. Everything is very clear.
No spaces between the commas if you don’t want to replace them too.
You can not just ordinary words, as the plugin supports regular expressions, as well as set processing of the text, its case sensitivity and many other parameters.
Regular expression:



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