RDS Bar – quick analyze key indicators site in the browser


RDS Bar is a browser extension that provides all the necessary data for quick analysis of any site – PR, number of indexed pages in search engines Yandex and Google, etc.
With this extension to popular browsers you can get access to data such as the TIC and PR of the project, its traffic, indexing in search engines, etc.

This type of extension is supported by the most popular at the moment browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera – it is enough to work to any publisher.
Can be used separately as a special panel that displays all the required parameters at the top of the browser, and data by clicking on the button in it.
In addition, you have an opportunity to configure all the settings you want, extra stats are not disturbed in the work, and you have not shipped long page.
This is probably the most useful plugin of this kind, since no other analog will not give you all the necessary information on other people and their sites!
Specially for webmasters and SEO of sites there are indicators such as the analysis of links on the Sape project, you can find out what engine is that or another resource, and many other functions.