RDS API – program for the statistics of the website


RDS API is a special application for your computer that allows you to determine the main indicators of the website, there is also a browser extension called RDS Bar: about which we wrote earlier.


With this program you can learn such indicators projects, such as TCI and PR site, the presence and the number of donors according to context purchase, the indexing of the resource, its presence in the Dmoz directory and more.
There are special extensions for browsers, which help in this question, for example from this company feature :RDS Bar.
But if you have a lot of projects (and you are a SEO optimizer or an employee of the organization, which deals with reports on sites), this tool is more suitable for you, as it allows to analyze several projects in a row.
In addition, with this program you can save your data in Excel format, which is also very important, especially when preparing their report.
When you hover over one of the points programs, you can know its meaning and definition.
Undoubtedly, the RDS API is an indispensable tool for a detailed analysis of your projects. In addition, many requests are completely free, and the cost of queries, such as the history of the site, its indexing, etc., is available to each user.