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The ability to create color photographs appeared in the early 20th century. In our country, the technology gained popularity only in the early 90s. Many family photo albums are stored memorable black-and-white images that were taken about half a century ago. Pictures of the old model have special values and can cause a flash of memories and nostalgia.

Black-and-whites of today do not go out of fashion. Contemporary photographers often draw their work in black and white, as it gives the picture a special atmosphere. Such works can be attributed to the retro style.
Despite this, many have a desire to turn a black and white image into a color image. In this article will tell you how to do it.
The method of hand coloring
This method is considered to be one of the first liveries. Before the advent of digital technology, artists have painted pictures with oil paints and other means of professional retouching. Original the with of such actions becomes not only the colors, but is perceived in new ways. The technique of coloring the images manually is of interest only from the point of view of art, as it was replaced by advanced computer technology, which allow coloring of any complexity.
Manual coloring can be done on the computer using special programs Colorize Photo Converter. This pics of Amateur sample, which is run through the Internet browser. It allows you to paint digital black and white photos by adjusting the colors of any image uploaded by the user or selected from represented in the program. This option is coloring suitable for images that are not saturated with small details. Small details require a more professional approach to treatment. The program is an excellent option for coloring portrait pictures.
To create a digital picture format, use the scanner or photography studios.
Algorithm neural networks
Application of this format operate on the basis of artificial intelligence technologies, neural networks and machine learning. This is a modern approach that is gaining more and more popularity with each passing day. Many online resources and mobile applications, you can find a large selection of photo editors for professional processing. They offer a wide range of tools and capabilities.
Most of these editors offer a variety of filters, most suitable for processing color photographs. Programs for automatic conversion of black-and-white images in color not much. Most of these programs have a similar algorithm. Using artificial intelligence, which studies image creates a correction color palette of the image.
The most popular service for coloring black and white photos Colorize is Algorithmia Photos. The creators of the program were scientists from the University of California. Today the program runs in test mode.
Job service is very simple. Just enter the address of the image in the required field or upload a picture from the gallery. Sometimes the process color starts automatically. Within 5-30 seconds the user will receive a photo with two parts – color and black-and-white photographs.
Another program that performs this function is the app Colorize Photos for Free. In this program there is a restriction on the size of downloaded image is 15 Megabytes. The program can adjust the level of color. The higher the score, the brighter color image. The program is in the process of coloring using machine technology.
Digital photo editors
It is worth noting that applications based on AI and machine learning has many drawbacks. Images can be painted inaccurately or incompletely. The programs do not have parameters, with which you can adjust the result.
If you are not satisfied with the result of the operation of such programs, then come to the aid of a graphical editor. The most popular and multi-functional is Adobe Photoshop. Such editors are designed to work with image layers. For each coloring layer overlaps with a certain region of the image. Each layer can be colored as desired, then the layers overlap each other and the user receives the result.
The process of this treatment requires a detailed study. It is like a coloring book in hand, but is done on the computer.
There are many professionals who are engaged in the provision of services for image processing in professional photo editors. To order photo processing can I over the Internet from freelancers, prices start from 300 RUB per one photo.
The art of colorization
Retouching of images using digital technologies little different from hand-colored real photos. Algorithms networks and machines operate by means of guessing the actual appearance of objects. A good result of this work is not always obtained.
Work with editors on a professional level requires special knowledge and practices. Usually such work will only be accepted by specialists. Therefore, the colour images of today is art, which provides an individual approach to every detail in the picture. Photo processing photo editor takes into account many nuances, such as the initial state of photography, the history image and the time of the snapshot, mechanical damage etc. Such details allow you to choose the most appropriate way to resolve problems and create high-quality digital images.
Work of this nature is a difficult process, which can be found on the project website Dynamicchrome. The scope of the project to create a digitized photo that are of historical value.