Ночной режим / Night mode

Many Internet users looking for information about how to add a rainbow in Adobe Photoshop. Today we will try to implement it in practice, and also to understand how to apply the layers and what they have especially when editing. Rainbow for Photoshop – that’s what we should get the result:
Радуга для Фотошоп

First take the image on which you want to install the rainbow.
Next, create a new layer by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + N. you Can use the button located at the bottom of the layers panel.
Now make a rectangular selection using the tool Rectangular Marquee Tool. Can allocate a small area, since then still we are going to expand it.
Take tool gradient fill. While not forgetting to correct the colors in the gradient.
For this we need to go to tool settings and add the number of colors.
They will be 7 is (left to right) red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise or blue, pink, purple. Keep all colors equally so that the rainbow was more natural.
To apply gradient fills, you need to stretch your mouse along the selection from top to bottom. After that remove the selection with the shortcut keys – CTRL + D.
Always make a copy of the layer you are working – this will protect you from unnecessary actions, as well as retain the original data. Do this by pressing CTRL + J. Now, in the case of mishandling, you can always come back.
After that you can wipe eraser unnecessary forms, and you can use a layer mask. We will use the latter, because in this case the effect is more smooth and realistic.
How to create a layer mask can be found here. You need, after you create a layer mask, simply hold gradient (now black-and-white variant) in the direction from left to right. Then create a duplicate layer and applying a reverse mask – from right to left.
That is, we need to connect the 2 layers in which one layer mask transparency goes left and the duplicate to the right. If you don’t know much about layer masks, I recommend just use the eraser tool (the eraser) and erase the left and right unnecessary elements. Note that the edges of the eraser should be dim to enhance the effect.
If you used a layer mask, then combine the first 2 layer, press CTRL + E for the information of the selected layers into one. This is done for the convenience of further processing.
Now apply the filter Blur-Gaussian Blur and putting about 20-25 pixels.
You should get something like this:
Apply the transformation layer, by pressing CTRL + T. Select the window (by clicking right mouse button) function Warp.
Use the mouse and pull manual guides, and you can use the automatic functions of change and transformation.
To do this, simply locate the mode of transformation of the top options panel and select the desired menu item.
The most suitable tool Arc.
Almost everything now needs a little to enhance the rainbow effect and to give it realism.
Reduce the opacity of the layer with rainbow, 60%.
Go to menu overlay layer and select Outer Glow.
We put large value of range (can be set to 250 px) and leave the default color.