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Create rainbow text in Photoshop

Discussed in today’s lesson will focus on creating rainbow text in Photoshop.
Создание радужного текста в Фотошоп

Create a document size of 500×500 pixels.
Next, enter in lowercase letters the word “rainbow” (ang. – rainbow), fill it with white color and the background black.
Now create separate layers for each letter and fill each of the following color (color arrangement from left to right):
Note: you can use adjustment layers to fill color.
Then create 2 duplicate layers with the full text, but first having to rasterize the text.
Then select one of the layers and go to menu program Filter – Blur – Motion Blur.
Put the filter setting following parameters:
Now let’s fill the text layer and while pressing CTRL click with the left mouse button on the layer. Thus, we select our text.
Take the tool Rectangular Marquee Tool, and the parameters of the clipping selection to select the upper part of the body, as shown in the figure below.
Next, create a new layer with the gradient, call it “Top”. Select a gradient from white to transparent (this example is in the templates).
Specify the direction of the gradient, as shown in the figure, remove the opacity of the layer to 60-50%.
The result:
Well, of course, possible to add another text box with your chosen text.
To do this, create a new layer, typed the text and go to the blending options of the layer.
In the settings of the gradient to select the following options:
Colors and their location relative to the scale of the gradient:
#800bb6 – 0
#025abc – 17
#0596b7 – 28
#00992b – 40
#8c9f09 – 52
#a55405 – 72
#9f0929 – 100

Создание радужного текста в Фотошоп