Photoshop lessons

Create a selection using quick mask in Photoshop

Today consider one of the selection methods in Adobe Photoshop using quick mask. This variant is intended for quick selection in a complex background.
Создание выделения с помощью быстрой маски в Фотошоп

Open 2 files: one with the image of the person you want to select and put on another background, the following is a photograph of a beautiful landscape, where, in fact, going to put it in. You can, of course, to take other examples, the most important thing to understand the meaning of this method of selection of the object in the picture.

Select the layer with the girl, press Q or go to menu Select Edit in Quick Mask Mode. Take the black color for main – it will be the degree of transparency for the image, i.e. black – opaque highlighting, gray – translucent, etc.

So we turn on the quick mask mode and begin to define our object of editing.

Now take the tool Brush custom and its size keys [ and] increasing or decreasing the diameter of the brush.

Next, begin to paint the person in the picture to highlight it completely without affecting the background. The stiffness of the brush pick up independently so that the edges of the tool was not too smooth.

The main feature of this allocation is that you don’t need to waste time on unnecessary manipulation, such as selection using the tool Lasso Tool or Magic Wand Tool. For example, using Lasso Tool you will spend much more time on the allocation of a complex object, or when using Magic Wand Tool with a complex background is difficult to do, as it will only be allocated a portion of the image with similar color.

Once the object is selected, press the Q key back and see that we have a distribution in the form of reverse selection of the object that we needed. Press delete and substitute the necessary background, download it on a layer below the previous one.
Создание выделения с помощью быстрой маски в Фотошоп