Ночной режим / Night mode

Our today’s lesson is dedicated to creating the puzzle. You can design it in just a few minutes. Let’s see how this happens in Photoshop.
Создание пазла при помощи фильтра в Фотошоп

So, to start pick a photo for the puzzle. It can be absolutely any image. Also no matter what size it is – all the properties of a picture will be entered into the program.

Now for ease, by opening the photo in Photoshop, rename it in the puzzle. This can be done by pressing 2 times on the background layer.

Create a new layer and move it below the original image – this layer will be the background. Fill it with white or black (as you like).

Then go to the menu and selected layer puzzle, Filter-Texture-Texturizer and download texture.

Set the required parameters for the filter and click OK.

Take the tool Pen Tool and select one of the pieces of the puzzle mode paths.

Open panel Paths – Window-Path.

After you have finished the selection, press Ctrl+Enter or choose item from the menu path Make Selection. Thus, we should get the following picture.

Now go to menu Layer-New-Layer via Cut (Shift+Ctrl+J). This action we transform the previously allocated piece of the puzzle on a new layer. Turn it and move to any position of the snapshot.

Add a shadow to the puzzle pieces. To do this, go into the menu and set the layer blending options you want.

Then take the tool Lasso Tool and make the selection of the external part of the puzzle, i.e. remove unnecessary pieces.

The overall picture would look more harmonious if you add a drop shadow to the resulting image.

Our puzzle is completed…