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Savings on purchases in action – how to benefit from cashback!


We all make one way or another in various online shops, because it is easy, quickly, efficiently, and most importantly much cheaper than to shop in a conventional offline sales offices. Now you have 1 more great way to save money, but on their own purchases in Internet-stores with the new cashback service called :LetyShops:. What it is, let’s deal!
как извлечь выгоду с кэшбэк

Cashback is cashback in English, or simply refunds on purchases. In this case, shopping at famous online stores.
How the service works?
It’s very simple – you choose any product in any online shop, order it, pay, and service pay after a certain time (depends on the specific city, shop, etc.) money to the personal account, which you make along with the account during registration. If simply and clearly, here it is:

Next – consider the benefits that good service…
What are the benefits of the service?
Transparent scheme says that with this service :LetyShops: you can deal with. That confirm the positive reviews on numerous sites.

With regard to target audience that are actively buying in the online shops, here it is:
Audience and traffic

Will you be able to earn not only on purchases but also on the offer to become a member of the service?
What is the yield?
Yes, this is possible thanks to the enhanced partner program, which you can find here.
Even more possibilities with interesting solutions in the form of browser extensions…
Extension cashback
This plugin/extension allows you to seize the opportunity and not miss the moment when it is possible to use to the fullest shopping online, as well as capitalize on this.

For example, you visit a particular site, but you do not want to search every time a particular store in a huge list :LetyShops:. It is intended to do this extension – it will timely notify you of the percentage of the purchase and stating what action there is in this online shop.

Extension suitable for almost any browser and operating system, so you are always aware of the latest developments…

Now let’s talk about the withdrawal of money earned. This is the probably the weak point in the service, as it allows you to withdraw the amount of 500 rubles at a time.
Withdrawals and payment methods

But the number of services withdrawal of Mani is impressive, especially compared to other similar solutions.
In General, write letters… to service, once you earn your hard-earned money…