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Projects by WooThemes – portfolio website WordPress

projects by woo themes

This plugin for WordPress helps to show a portfolio of projects and to make the process more enjoyable and easy to implement and display.
Projects by WooThemes

Projects by WooThemes is a clean and easy to use system to manage your portfolio in WordPress. Upload your own designs and show them on specified pages using the template system or short codes, widget or tags.

Projects are integrated with the plugin reviews, allowing you to interact with them directly, and display them on the usual project page.

You can also assign the project to the product that you’ve created in WooCommerce and let customers add it to cart from the project page.

Easy to use
Publication and cataloging of your catalogue using the familiar WordPress interface.
Detailed information on the project
Includes details of the project such as images, galleries, categories, customer details and project references
Full integration with WordPress
Display portfolio using native WordPress architecture (project archives, posts)
The inclusion of widgets, short tags
Adaptive mobile layout
Projects include responsive design for integration with any theme
Custom – a large number of hooks, filters, templates
WooCommerce – support projects to products and give visitors the opportunity to add products to the cart using the WooCommerce functionality.
Reviews – integrated with the plugin reviews, allowing you to leave a review on the regular page.


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