Ночной режим / Night mode

Projectfork is a complex consisting of extensions and components of project management which is fully customizable and suitable for any needs. Usually this solution is used by institutions, political parties, as well as small businesses and various organizations.

With this software solution you can create a group of founders of the project, which it is further possible to monitor and change as needed.
Intelligent design
Projectfork consists of many extensions of Joomla, working together and interacting as a single unit, so you can use it as a regular component. Installing and uninstalling extensions will not be difficult, so this process is easy to implement.
Custom values
Projectfork looks and operated like a normal extension. But even if you have any questions, the answers can be found in the detailed documentation.
User-friendly interface
This component uses a Joomla-native code, increasing the process of task execution. No separate engines, Zend or other framework – just pure Joomla MVC architecture.
Undoubtedly, this decision will be popular for those who want to organize his and others ‘ workspace, and quickly and efficiently to solve problems together.
Unlimited number of projects
Tasks and task lists
Quick forum
Attachments and the file directory
Time tracking and reports
Comments on the draft
User group
Configure Email notifications and subscriptions