Professional drones with camera

Профессиональные дроны с камерой

Once unmanned aerial vehicles on radio control were a highly classified technology. They were used for intelligence purposes, to survey secret facilities and to monitor enemy troops. Today buy quadrocopter with camera in Ukraine can be anyone. In the online store “Planeta Hobby” offers a wide selection of toy models at a price of 400-500 hryvnia, and professional drones to perform highly specialized tasks.

Профессиональные дроны с камерой

Professional quadcopters: scope

Presence of the camera on Board the aircraft significantly expands its capabilities. Accordingly, they are used for a wide variety of purposes:

  • protection of territories;
  • getting high-quality video for video blogs or exploring the area;
  • for geodetic measurements;
  • for delivery of small parcels;
  • in construction and agriculture.

These devices can fly by itself without control from the person, to resist the wind, avoid obstacles. And thanks to the GPS and GLONASS module, they return to the launch point. If necessary, you can program the trajectory of the route, so that the device flew exactly along the edge of the field or along the pipe of the nuclear power plant.

Important differences between professional camera drones

These devices are much more expensive than Amateur, the price can reach several hundred thousand hryvnia. However, the buyer knows what he is paying for, as professional quadrocopters with a camera have a wide range of features:

  • more advanced optics, shooting in Full-HD and even 4K;
  • battery capacity up to 6-8 thousand mAh, the device makes flights lasting from 25 minutes to an hour;
  • due to the increased size of the propellers, even strong gusts of wind will not knock the drone off course;
  • reinforced housing that protects the stuffing from falling from a height and strikes.

the Radius of the flight, where the signal from the control panel reaches, is up to five kilometers. Models such as Parrot Bluegrass or DJI Inspire are used, for example, to observe the fields, as well as for professional shooting. They’re even used by Hollywood Directors. In size and weight, they are also superior to Amateur models, the mass is up to 20 kilograms. Accordingly, a more efficient engine is required, which creates enough traction to transport goods over a distance.