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LUCiD Pro-Adblock – enable ad blocking on sites!

LUCiD Pro-Adblock is a special solution and a plugin that helps to turn off ads on sites by installing a software extension to the browser. The purpose of this Joomla solution is to inform the website user that it is not set to block ads.
LUCiD Pro-Adblock

Ads shown on websites can be a high risk to visitors just because its sources are not controlled. At the moment ads can contain malicious code with the embedded contents of third parties. to protect their users from this, you can select the solution that will enable you to inform them that they have not installed Adblock.
Installed the plugin on Joomla version 3.x and higher. To show users a message that their site is already installed Adblock – visit this page.
Simple and accessible settings.
Based on a WordPress plugin.
The safety of your visitors.


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