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PrizmCloud Document Viewer – view documents online

PrizmCloud Document Viewer

With every passing day the popularity of cloud services grows, so many people use them to store various materials. Our plugin, about which speech will go, has the function of embedding these documents into the inner window of the Joomla CMS system, where these materials can be viewed as in the favorite editor like Acrobat.
PrizmCloud Document Viewer

PrizmCloud Document Viewer is a unique tool that allows the user to view external documents without having to download content, or move to another resource.
In addition, this extension supports more than 300 file types such as DOC, PDF, PPT, XLS and CAD.
Thus, it is possible to say that you no longer need to worry about storing your documents on your hosting – now this problem is solved by this component.
In addition to viewing, all files are stored in your cloud server, and you can easily edit and change, which also makes this plugin very easy to use. Parameters are settings such as scan type, document Url, width and height, button press, etc.
You can view multiple documents.
Settings almost every element of the material for display.