Photoshop lessons

Printing in Photoshop – how to print a document of A4 format

Печать в Фотошоп

To print the document through the program Adobe Photoshop it’s quite easy, but on the contrary, very simple. For this we will need to do just a few actions. Of course, we are talking about the documents that supports the program, so please check the list of supported file formats. We will print in Photoshop to A4 size – the most popular and standard format which is used almost everywhere.
Печать в Фотошоп

First go to the setup menu item File-Print. Previously you must have a document open that you want to print.
Here we will see the main settings (only the most simple) that can be improve is the choice of printer, number of copies to print, the file location on the sheet of paper, color schemes, description (if any) and final position on leaving the printer document. If you print a normal file without certain frameworks, schemes, beyond the boundaries of the document, or bordering on them, then I recommend to put a tick next to the location centre.
To change other printer options, we need to go into menu Print Settings. Is this button next to the introduction of the number of printed copies of the document. Here we see settings such as:
The choice of sheet size
Additional features
Print quality
Paper source
Media type
The number of copies
Thus, you must go to this menu when you first start the program Adobe Photoshop, as it can lose the configuration settings that you made earlier.
The box set next “Shades of grey” if the document is black and white. Also, by changing if necessary the orientation of the document to landscape or portrait (depends on image), paper source is where will take the paper (tray), print quality set to standard, or excellent – the best (in the case of photo prints). Duplex printing needed if you print a lot of documents and you need to on the 1st sheet of paper got the text from two sides. The expense of printing speed, I recommend you leave it as is, because the speed affects the final result, but also on the efficiency of the printer in General.
The choice of format and paper size is by clicking on the appropriate menu item.
The same goes for other options like selection of media type and paper. The actual settings may differ slightly from the listed me as the brands of printers each their own, as their version.
If all settings are set correctly, then go back to the print menu. This can be done by clicking on the OK button.
Now click on ENTER or the Print button. Starts printing the document.