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On this project, we worked in the distant 2013 year, and it should be noted that it is possible to assess the following schedules for SEO-promotion. However, at the moment, due to the delay in wages, we decided to switch to other projects. In this Portfolio, we presented the initial stage of promotion of this resource.


The statistics of the Trust site, as well as TCI and PR resource.

Продвижение сайта pressmax.ru 2013

Performance comparison

January 2013:

  • Alexa = 5 092 709
  • Liveinternet = ?
  • ТИЦ = 60
  • PR = 3

October 2013:

  • Alexa = 3 069 477
  • Liveinternet = 72 033
  • ТИЦ = 160
  • PR = 3

Продвижение сайта pressmax.ru траст

In conclusion, I would like to note that the site is based on the 1C Bitrix platform, which is very popular among many companies in St. Petersburg, as it has good functionality and technical support. But, it should be noted that this kind of projects can be done on more interesting solutions and easier to download CMS, such as WordPress. Also, you can learn about it in our WordPress tutorials!