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PR Tab – ready advanced tab in Joomla

PR Tab

PR Tab is a great solution for those who want to have it on the site tabs displayed just like a normal window, and decorated with special effects.
PR Tab

You can change the width of the blocks, background color, hover text and many other options.
Pr Tabs using advanced configuration parameters such as size, headers, styles. However, it is better 1 time to try, than to hear 100 times!
Support multi tabs, you can assign the tabs horizontally or vertically.
Animation effects in switching tabs: fading, left, right
Customizable themes: tabs block can be displayed almost everywhere.
Display any of the content modules in tabs.
Download an entire category in the unit and the individual points in each of the tabs.
Setting the width and height of the blocks. In the case of a large length of the content, PR Tabs can expand height automatically.
Easy to use and friendly syntax, HTML tags.
Can be used wherever there is an area content or code of the HTML module.
Automatic control of blending.
Adding images into tabs.
The maximum number of tabs controlled by a slider.
Convenient button tabs for switching them.
The option to close the tab.