Ночной режим / Night mode

For visitors to our Internet store is very important to see products manufacturer in a visual form. Therefore, there is a huge number of components and modules for Virtuemart, one of the most popular solutions is to install a virtual store on Joomla. On the module display products and will be discussed in today’s article. First of all, I would like to mention the fact that almost all the extensions pay for this component. Here you can download a free version of Power Play for VirtueMart. So, let us discuss the main properties of this extension. The advantages of Dynamic thumbnails and large images of products the image Scrolling under screen area select a category ID to display products Button forward / backward in the slideshow Display a list of categories Options to display a brief description of the goods, prices of goods and services Show/Hide description  Show miniature top/bottom on/off full-screen mode link to the original image on the product page  Configuration color and font size of the description Enable/disable zoom Added symbols of Latin, Russian, Spanish Large selection of settings 50 settings in admin panel to Show the discounted price does Not show products that are not in the list to Show only selected items to scroll to the menu categories. Now you can turn plavusa panel when more than 10 categories-Added price tags-Added new styles for tag prices