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Portraiture (skin retouching) – it’s a great plugin, which is designed primarily for processing portraits. Also it is possible to improve or change skin tone, make it easy, etc.

In addition, this extension makes the job very quickly, reducing the time spent on skin treatment using masks, instruments and the like.
In the settings of the plugin you can find a lot of options, such as preset templates through which to jump to the previously specified parameters is not difficult. You can make a template and save it for further work, because there are often times when you need to edit images with the same size, persons, etc.
In Portraiture also the settings of the preview, which is very convenient when working with large amounts of files. The extension has settings such as setting masks according to certain criteria, such as opacity, saturation, sharpness, brightness, etc.
If you prefer glamour shots, specially for you there is a preset called “Glamour”.
Choosing a suitable style processing, you save time not only their own, but the client and also improve its (human) with just a few clicks of the mouse.
This plugin is designed for quick and efficient processing of portraits, that he is called Portraiture (skin retouching).
Below are the pictures from the developer’s site – before and after editing in Adobe Photoshop.




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