Photoshop lessons

Portrait retouching in Photoshop – 1. Basic photo processing

If You do photo editing, you probably know that a quality picture can not only improve comprehension, but also to accelerate the process of retouching the images at the expense of their technical data. We can retouch the photo in its initial form, ie will prepare the basis for further processing. It is desirable to prepare a clear enough picture, portrait, executed in RAW format. If you take a photograph in the JPEG format, you can use a further filter Camera Raw Filter.
Портретная ретушь в Фотошоп

Draw your attention to the fact that this technique of retouching, unlike the previous one, takes an enormous amount of time, so work diligently on the project if the work is paid by the client, or simply praise of the customer. Editing is carried out in Adobe Photoshop, as this software allows you to do virtually anything on the image – in our case, it is necessary to correct the flaws in the portrait of a girl.
By default, we have a photo in JPEG format, so we need to go to menu filters – Camera Raw Filter.
All settings of this filter you can see the detailed description here, we also need to highlight a few of them is the increase or decrease sharpness of the image, its color, brightness, etc.
BUT! Before moving on to the filter, you first need to do a workaround – copy the current layer. This will help us a special function – the creation of a “Smart object” or Smart Object.
Now with a clear conscience, you can go to the filter menu and configure its settings.
Note: Smart Object allows you to make changes while the destination file retains its properties (examples of usage see the following photos).
So, duplicate the original layer (which is then the default “Background”), but copy it using the special functions – New Smart Object via Copy.
Now increase or decrease (depending on the number of bright colors on a photo) Saturation and Vibrance to get the most beautiful colors in the image. The main thing in this case is not to overdo it, and make vivid and natural color, close to human skin.
Next, create copies of the layer Smart Object in the right quantity, and customized them using the same filter Camera Raw Filter.
Each layer was applied your filter settings – you have to be different, so define them yourself. You can use the settings reduce shadows, clearer contours, etc.
To keep the layers and not to bring them together, you can use a special feature Photoshop – Stamp Visible. As the tool to use is written in this article.
Apply the mask to layers – without them it will be difficult to recover the photos without compromising the previous edit. How to create a mask in Photoshop.
The end result of the initial retouching:
Compare the image before processing and after retouching: