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Creation of spherical panoramas in Photoshop

Today I will show you how quickly and easily you can create a spherical panorama, or, more precisely, the spherical panorama in the projection of the polar coordinates in Adobe Photoshop.
Создание сферической панорамы в Photoshop

For starters, we need a photo of the panorama, preferably an image of a beautiful nature or city.
How to create a panorama, you can read in the previous lesson.
Now a very important point! You need to find the color and brightness at the border of the image in order to the subsequent processing area looked properly and the joints were not visible.
When the treatment is finished, go to the menu Photoshop – Image-Image Size (Alt+Ctrl+I) and do the following: remove the check mark from Constrain Proportions, copy value from field Width and paste in Height. Thus we create the same size image, both width and height.
Then click OK and get the following picture:
Then go to menu Image-Image Rotation-1800.
Now go to menu Filter-Distort-Polar Coordinates and press the OK button when the selected item Rectangular to Polar.
Take the tool Crop Tool and cropping the resulting picture to the desired size.
We want to get this picture:
Well, finally, we need to slightly tweak the image, create an adjustment layer.
Click on the layers panel button Create new fill or adjustment layer and select Brightness/Contrast.
Change the brightness of the pictures, you can also add some filter…
Создание сферической панорамы в Photoshop