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Why everyone does not like Muscovites, or rather, for what!

Почему все не любят москвичей или, вернее, за что!

I want to warn my blog readers right away that an opinion is purely subjective and can be fundamentally different from another, so who is responding to any statement – just fuck off!

Recided to write this post, because not everyone, unfortunately, knows the true reasons for dissatisfaction with the Muscovites (not cars, but the citizens), then just MVIC. So, first of all, the true MVIC differs from the same St. Petersburger by the presence in the lexicon of a smaller number of related words, and maybe even by the lack of depprivacy in their own speech (this is largely due to the fact that “native” MVICs are considered to be themselves by visitors from the CIS and regions, such as Adygea). Also, the following mentality is typical for MCH: everybody owes me, because I manage the funds more efficiently for a week of people from the regions (and the region of “regions” also includes many millions of St. Petersburg). For MVIC there is no word for NO, because anyone who comes from Zalupka, or other ass of the world, feels like the boss a priori (ask him about this word, he does not know its meaning – 99%!). In addition, money all absolutely flows to the capital, and therefore the level of CSV (feeling of own arrogance) living there is off the charts, which cannot but affect the future of the companies they manage. If you have ever talked to a Muscovite, you surely understand what we are talking about.

Why does everyone not like Muscovites.

MWICH is a person who can’t do anything on a professional level except chatter, and this is proved every day by people from Channel One and other federal channels. This individual also believes that anything can be done for money, but practice shows that sanctions are imposed on such fuckers. In addition, people from the capital are used to considering the others as bullshit and, accordingly, behave arrogantly and provocatively. Girls from Moscow is a separate story, which differs from girls from other cities of Russia only in inflated expectations from men. But as they say, one can get out of the village, but there is no village from the girl herself…

Why does everyone not like Muscovites.

Tem not less, the St. Petersburgers are not far from Moscow: the same arrogance, the nearness of the mind (as, for example, with M. sheep from Multidracha), the likes with the presence of the last model. And the fucking thing is that most iPhone enthusiasts live in megacities (can afford expensive purchases?). They can rather take expensive credits, and then chew Doshirak.

What about the workers from Moscow – nobody has heard about them, but why, the question? Maybe because nobody works there with their hands, except for Dzyuba… and other “brawlers”.
The number of earned mani can speak not only about the presence of a man’s mind, but, as practice shows, also about his absence (Multistrach in the example). An example is also virtually any high-ranking official who has recently been involved in criminal cases against him.

MWH is in most cases:


  • allocation of responsibility to subordinates and those below;
  • .

  • High-handedness, and the result is stupidity;
  • .

  • potty like me is cooler because I make more money;
  • not professional in all its forms
  • .

  • the inability to build speech coherently (relevant for people who have come from Zalupka or Adygeans).

Why does everyone not like Muscovites.

Moscow is the last city in the world where you can go, because the inhabitants of the metropolis are so disgusted to live or even be with them. Also nauseous are the so-called St. Petersburgers who are fed by the MVICH and are ready to eat you with shit just because Moscow said so. Going to the regions you can really see people, not their likeness, which is mostly settled in large cities.

If you came from the ass of the world and bought a one-room apartment in Moscow for 20 years in a mortgage, and now sit under the cameras at home and wearing masks, and go out on the street with an app in the phone and the code in it, standing in traffic more time than the work itself, it does not mean that you have achieved anything in this life! Lick your bosses’ asses, even if you are the boss, and enjoy life!