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Victory over reason-service from the ass of Russia

Победа над разумом

Low or not low-cost carrier, to be honest, I do not care, but one thing I know for sure – I will not use the services of this company anymore.
Why in this country the service is not only not getting better, but quite the opposite – worse, I describe in this post.

Service as shit

Before you start your story about another ordinary provider of Aero services, let’s turn to the moment of choosing a plane ticket and what it depends on and, in fact, consists of. Of course, economy class itself implies a bestial attitude on the part of employees and suppliers of these services, but as usual, an adequate person wants to be served by at least the same people. And not necessarily the attitude to you should be built in monetary terms!
So, it all started corny with the fact that the flight was delayed..y knows how much, but they wrote that for an hour. After passing the registration procedure (I have no special complaints about it), I went up to the 3rd floor of the Samara airport called “Kurumoch”. There, once again showing my passport and plane ticket, I went to the so-called gates #10. Taking the queue to the gate (apparently, we are considered to be goats, since they put us at the gate), I waited for the airport Manager for about half an hour, then it turned out after another half hour that the queue consists not only of those who want to fly to St. Petersburg, but also Moscow! Achtung!
Then half an hour later I was already second in line, because I took it early, and I thought like a fool that I would quickly pass this cursed queue, but as you know, I was deeply mistaken.


Victory over the mind

Pobeda is the same low-cost carrier that provides you with flight services from Samara to St. Petersburg, which I do not recommend anyone to use, and here’s why.
First, for some reason, the company’s employees do not indicate in advance either about the flight delay by mail or by SMS. Also, the disadvantages of the organization can be attributed to the lack of any respect for their customers: when boarding and checking plane tickets, suddenly it turned out that the queue passes tickets starting with the number 165 to the end, and only then the rest. I, of course, understand why this was done – to pass first to people in the back of the plane, and then to the front, but fuck..fuck this low-cost airline! Why do people take a queue in advance? In order to pass everyone and everything – moronism of the first degree.

Inside The “Victory”

Inside the plane, everyone was asked to read their own ad for their own service – p…Bonk is full! “Shove your complaints up your ass, you cocksuckers!”- I want to leave this appeal to the heads of this shit service.
Instead of lunch during the flight, you are offered to read Hu..Nude is the best pastime. More than that, I can say – you will not even be offered a drink of water – you do not deserve it! This is only for business clients. Well at least in the push sleepy to go, was not really there, but I am more than sure that he fucked up!
The Victory seats are placed close to each other in such a way that your knees push the seat in front of you (just like in a minibus). In addition, the folding table tries to join you in one place!

Results of the flight with “Victory” – review

The ticket costs about 8000₽, if Packed with Luggage, then + 600₽…! To call this price adequate is no longer possible, but nevertheless you are not offered anything for this price, except for the actual flight itself! In addition to all of the above features you get:

  • hemorrhoids in the form of flight delays,
  • incompetent work of Pobeda employees,
  • extra charge for EVERYTHING!
  • and a free magazine to wipe your ass in the organization’s toilet in the air!