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How to split a picture into pieces in Photoshop

How to split a picture into pieces and divide it in half horizontally and vertically, as well as how to create an action to simplify this task, will be discussed in today’s lesson.
Как разделить фотографию на части в Фотошоп

First we need an image of any format, as today we learn the technique of dividing the picture into equal parts, and we are not interested in any particular format, and any size photo.
So, let’s start.
Next, open Photoshop and go to menu History, in the upper right corner of the panel click on New Snapshot. This will allow us to continue to use the original photo to create operations.
Now go to menu Image – Image Size or press Alt + Ctrl + I.
Exhibited in the section of the document size value in percentage. Then, if you want to split the image in half vertically, then set 50 in the width field, and, in the case of dividing the picture horizontally and 50 in height. When we remove the checkbox next to Constrain Proportions. Thus, your image will be halved, but will change its properties that we need.
After that, copy the entire image by pressing Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C. Then go back to the original photo through the choices in the history of the item Snapshot 1. Press Ctrl + V to paste the just copied image.
Move the pasted text the photo to the left to touch the far left corner (placing it in exactly as our original image).
To do this, simply select the two layers and go to menu Layer – Align – Left Edges.
Now copy the top layer by holding Ctrl and clicking the left mouse button on it.
Remove the visibility of the layer and go to menu Image Crop.
Maintain our photo and call it, say, image01.
Now click Alt + Ctrl + Z to step back. Invert the selection and save the called image02.
At the moment we have 2 pictures that make up our original full image, all the proportions observed.
Thus you can create an action and apply it to ANY image and any size.

Левое изображение

Правое изображение