Pluso – social bookmarking buttons on your site


Another service to embed on your website buttons social bookmarking called Pluso. What can do this script? First, Pluso is a quality service for the installation of the buttons from popular social.networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Classmates, etc. is Completely configurable to your needs, and has a beautiful shell. Thus you can put to your website the script that generates your chosen social network. Consider it in more detail. Go to the website and set the required parameters, simply by dragging from the available for bookmark selection in field “preferred networks”. Select the button style from the provided list. Then watch a preview: how to show bookmarks on our website. The settings include the following parameters: the size of the buttons, their location, the presence of the counter, the background in the background. You can also choose round or square buttons in a single row or in two. After the above operations, you can copy the code and install it on your project. Advantages Possibility of installation on any site, including on the CMS Joomla. Preview before installing, and beautiful design. Simple integration into the system, the speed of download. service