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Portrait retouching in Photoshop – 2. Process model Playboy

In the last lesson we talked about how to do the primary edit portrait of a girl, today we’ll continue this job and make retouching over the former model of the famous magazine Playboy.
Портретная ретушь в Фотошоп

Details pictures
After you have completed primary treatment filter Camera Raw Filter, proceed directly to the full detail image.
Tools Healing Brush Tool and Clone Stamp Tool
You can use one instrument or to both together. The only comment about the specifics of these decisions. For example, when editing photos Healing Brush Tool skin looks smoother, and with a stamp you can remove defects with a homogeneous background of much faster. In any case, it is a matter of practice, start using the two tools, and understand what actually was going on.
I recommend to create a new empty layer by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + N, then turn on the tool options bar selecting Sample-All Layers. This setting will allow you to draw with a brush on a new layer without affecting the original, which is very useful for large files.
Using these tools, you can remove excess moles, wrinkles and also to smooth out any bumps on the skin etc. Try to do the job laborious and do not hold over details such as eye corners, mouth, lips, etc., as the facial features need to be recognized, and not turn into a mannequin.
After a short treatment of the portrait, we get:
Alignment of the skin
The most characteristic features of the irregularities and stains are dark and light skin tones, so we can lighten and darken depending on the source. This image processing technique allows to soften the skin, to give it a smooth finish, without destroying the texture and the human skin.
Execute a simple procedure in order to lighten spots on the skin, you must create a new adjustment layer Curves. Now drag the slider in the tool diagonally upwards, taking the curve for the center point.
Now with the help of the mask must first create the removed brush the light areas on the skin of the model.
The same thing repeated, only this time with a dark skin – create a new adjustment layer with curves and drag the slider in the other direction, making a mask and remove the necessary parts.
There is one nuance – in this photo editing, lightened and darkened pixels are brighter and more saturated, so create an adjustment layer for each layer (with a mask of dark and light colors) and decrease or increase the color saturation for them.
To see those bumps on the skin that are not immediately visible, you can do the following:
Create another auxiliary adjustment layer Channel Mixer, and when the layer is editable the values of the curves to give the skin a silver color. It should be noted that the layers of richness should be to Clipping Mask over layers with curves.
If for portrait retouching you get the option of my tipo, it is possible in addition to use a conventional brush, and with the minimum opacity to paint over the skin.