Peter 2016. November. The beginning of a universal scale (CTRL+).

Питер пробки

Today I will tell you the tale, or rather, not mournful story about how cultural capital welcomes guests from uncivilized regions, as well as about their everyday concerns – about our modern roads (the logical relationship between these two above-mentioned points and no I am not crazy, just so happened).
Питер 2016. Ноябрь.

So, to somehow connect this post to the site, I thought I’d paste in the article title a useful reduction from the program Photoshop – (CTRL+), and edited a map of Yandex in the same program (the arrows I pointed out the accident on roads of St. Petersburg on 8 November 2016).
It all started with the fact that the 8 November 2016 I found out that in St. Petersburg it’s been snowing for 2 days in a row and it was not cleaned 2 days in a row (at least in the preserved sequence). And why do it? It (snow) just sweep that has cleaned before! In comparison with Moscow, where they planted this day the maple trees, according to the news from the Central TV-channels, Peter certainly seems more logical…
I decided to look at the map of Yandex and to study traffic jams, YES! decided to repair it was during this period of time (on the map located at the bottom right)… Here is a picture written by oil, but also good looks…
And then I had an idea – what if on this day people come from a region, out of the train/plane arrives at the Nevsky prospect and see this picture, not only from the window of a taxi and live. Do You think he would want to admire the beauty of Peter in this moment?
Of course, in any season and in any city of our country there are situations when it is better not to go out (especially in regions in good weather, in the dark…), but nevertheless, the only question that arises – was it possible to clean at least the roads that visitors did not stand in traffic jams, not looking miserable on snowy streets and repair of unfinished roads, numerous small and major accidents (see the map), etc.? The question, of course, is rhetorical!
Summarize the results of the monologue – if You want to come to St. Petersburg, be prepared for what the weather will be harsh, and the people around wet and sneezing! 🙂