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Many users of the Internet, it is very important to quickly and efficiently process images without installing any extra software on your computer. For these purposes, and serves as an online service for editing photos Photoshop online. The advantages of this approach are obvious – you do not need to install the software you will be able to save at any point, the image on your computer.

Фотошоп онлайн

Let’s consider in more detail how this service looks at the photo processing.

Photoshop online free initially, which only gives him benefits. You can use it in our website, simply click on the link in this article…

To begin, go to the service page. Next, select the appropriate option from the menu. Suppose we want to create a new document or drawing.

Choose the size of the document is shown on the graph with the dimensions 800 by 600 pixels.

You can now see the workspace of Photoshop and to make certain conclusions: the very similar online editor on my original copy. There is also a layers panel, Navigator, activity history, top panel options, editing tools, and much more.

If you want to subsequently see their operations and save them, you have to log in with Google or register.

If you ever used Adobe Photoshop, the interface will seem very familiar. In addition, there is support for hotkeys source software – their descriptions to the right of the menu item.

To create a rectangle, you need to select the appropriate tool from the side and draw it. The fill is the same way.

The choice of color is done using the smart tool, eyedropper, you can also select the new HEX code.

As for the various effects like frames, shadows, etc., they are present too. The only disadvantage of online Photoshop that not all features are supported + hot keys can be similar to your browser, for example, free transform is CTRL + T.

The text content is introduced as a simple editor, the only difference in his treatment and the choice of fonts and other advanced options.

If you get used to the workspace, you can quickly edit any photo, or draw your own.

Saving in the Photoshop online is similar – you need to choose the image format and name the document.

Фотошоп онлайн

Онлайн Фотошоп