Photoshop lessons

Creating a photomontage in Photoshop

Today we will create a photo montage in the program Adobe Photoshop. First we need to take the source material, that is the photo where you want to place the person and, accordingly, the person that we put in this exposure.
So, all the photos selected. Go to the girl that you want to put. Take Elliptical Marquee Tool and select the area around the head.
Now drag this area into a destination file with the source code, where we will painstakingly work with the original…:) you can Do this by selecting the Move Tool and move the selection to another file.
Now go to menu Edit-Free Transform (Ctrl+T) and reduce the image, and fit values to the sample source. The focus at this stage not to distort the proportions of the face of the trust. To do this, click on tool options – Maintain aspect ratio.
Then turn the image under view source. For a more visible result, you can substitute the layer with the girl layer below the original.
It turned out like this:
Well, finally, we moved on to the main – configure color, contrast, brightness, and other components of Adobe Photoshop to make our photos full the song..
Do the necessary actions in order to the girl’s face according to the degree of kontrastnosti and brightness more suited to the original.
Then go to menu Image-Adjustments-Hue/Saturation and a custom color palette of our face 😉
Note that all settings you make can’t be undone, so try to think carefully about your actions…
So here’s what you about should have after treatment:
Everything seems to be fine, but the complexion is still not the same. How to fix it? Take the Brush Tool, in its settings set Opacity to 15-20%, Flow – 30-40% and accurately by selecting the color of the skin of the neck the original, paint over the girls skin.
In principle, this is the whole procedure. You can experiment more with the settings of brightness and contrast.
What should eventually happen to our file: