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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC – introducing the new editor

Sometimes many photographers and designers have to handle thousands and hundreds of images in a row, so Photoshop may not be suitable for the speed of loading images and quick editing of small details, colors. Specifically for such purposes, apparently, and was invented by a editor program called Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. But the main feature of this program is to create collections of images that are available at any time in any place. In this lesson, we will examine basic functions and determine the range of their activities.
Photoshop Lightroom CC

First step – import photos stored on the computer or in the camera
In Lightroom CC, you can view and move your photos to the library. Click in the lower left corner on the icon. If you do not see the import button, make sure that you are in the module library. A window opens with the import settings of the images.
Step two – select the import options
Place the pictures in the assets panel, which is to the left of the import window. In the top window in the center select the one to copy your photos – computer, hard drive, or import directly from camera memory cards. Click the button to the right. When you import from the memory card of your camera, you can see additional properties, including setting the target path of the file to select the location of copies of the images during their transfer. Click on the button bottom right to copy the marked images and automatically return to the library module.
Note: For more detailed features of the import, see the official documentation.
Step three – create collections to organize and sync your photos
Collection is the easiest way to manage your photos, similar to the conventional photo album. To access your snapshots from any device, add them to the collection.
In the module library in the left pane, click the new collection icon (+) and add a photo or select desired menu item. In the window create a collection make sure:
“Include selected photos” checkbox is selected (you’ll add them later)
“Sync with Lightroom on your mobile device” – option is selected (thus, your photos will be available on all devices)
Click on the button to create a new collection.
Step four – adding images to the collection
Move the cursor with the center of the photo and shift it in a new collection (in the collections panel on the left). You can select multiple pictures at 1 time, simply selecting them and dragging them.
Step five – preview and edit photos anywhere
Your collection is automatically synchronized and your images are editable, the changes with all devices. You can install Lightroom on a tablet, iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone and start working directly.