Ночной режим / Night mode

To change the color of the lenses in the glasses is not so difficult. Let’s see how this happens in Adobe Photoshop.
Замена цвета у линз очков в Фотошоп

Take a picture of a man with glasses. Color glasses and lenses is irrelevant -we will do it for yourself…
Now take the tool Quick Selection Tool and in its settings immediately put item Add to selection in order to highlight both lenses of the glasses.
P. S. to be any tool, for example: Magic Wand Tool or Lasso Tool – you decide, but this method makes the process much faster. 😉
Then go to the menu item Select-Save Selection and save our selection.
Press Ctrl+Shift+N to create new layer. After that go to Photoshop menu: Edit-Fill and do fill the selection with black. Remove the selection with Ctrl+D and go to the next process photos.
Click on the layers panel and choose blending mode and choose for our new layer options: Soft Light, Opacity – 75%.
Then click the right mouse button on the layer and select Blending Options. In this menu, put a check in the Color Overlay and select the desired color. In the tab Blend Mode set Hue.
Click OK, set the required percentage of opacity of the layer and enjoy the result.