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Photo shoot with kids flying with the help of Photoshop

To create a variety of creative ideas does not need much time, but their implementation takes a lot of energy. In one of our previous lessons we talked about one of these original solutions – how to photograph flying baby. It is the turn to present to the court a different variation of this question.
Фотосессия с летающими малышами

Sure, any fantasy can be expressed in different ways, so baby pictures look even more attractive.
There are photographers who not only prefer shooting small children, but also try to stand out among other colleagues. Rachel Gulin, it is another example of the case when the parent is part-time, and a great photographer.
In contrast to images with a regular camera, there is used a popular program for editing images is Adobe Photoshop.
Rachel experimented with landscape images and a photo inside the house, attics, pools and other places.
Children can fly everywhere – that is apparently the message of the photographer for us, ordinary people.
The main thing in this profession is to be dedicated!
Фотосессия с летающими малышами

Фотосессия с летающими малышами