Photoshop lessons

Substitution of clothes in Photoshop

Today’s lesson is devoted to the lookup service in Adobe Photoshop, but rather inserting images of the face under the selected suit.
Подстановка одежды в Фотошоп

Choose two pictures: one with the necessary clothing accessory, another is with the face of the person will be using 🙂
Now take the tool Poligonal Lasso Tool and create a selection of faces. Then drag the selected area of the image to another picture – a picture of a suit 😉
Customize our picture under clothes size:
Floating layer with the face on the bottom level and click on the keyboard key combination Ctrl+T. Further, with pressed Shift + Alt scalable image.
Then click, hold down Ctrl on layer with clothes – so we will make the selection of the costume. Go to menu Select-Save Selection and save our selection.
Then we go to the same menu item and cancel the selection, or press Ctrl+D. After simple manipulations should get the following output:
Don’t worry, it’s not the finished version!
Now you need to remove the background image with the face. This can be done in the following way:
1. Choose Eraser Tool and to delete unnecessary items in the pictures.
2. Choose Poligonal Lasso Tool and the same action that we did at the beginning of class, to create a selection of the face. But in the subsequent action will need to press the keys Ctrl+Shift+I and more Delete.
After you removed the background, you can download a selection that was saved earlier – selection of clothing. And dragging the layer with the face back to the upper level, to gently erase unnecessary parts.
Why did we use a selection? In order not to delete the image!
The last step is to select the layer with the clothing, click Ctrl+T to align the suit under face of the person.