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Photoshop CC – new version – new features (part 1)

photoshop cc

The new version of Adobe Photoshop called Photoshop CC. As you can see in the updated professional version of the product?

Photoshop CC - новая версия

First, the program is tied with the cloud service Adobe Creative Cloud. This gives both advantages and disadvantages.
Now the company has decided to introduce a new element – a subscription to the updates that will occur every month. Using them Adobe wants to reduce the number of pirated copies, and, in addition, to obtain more money, since you will need to pay about 20-30$ a month on new improvements in the program and the updates. It should be noted that the extended version of Photoshop used to cost around 1000 dollars!
No need to say that the company was working on improving and optimizing tools, but it is to say what new features have been added to the system.
1. Filter Shake Reduction!

It is intended, as the name implies, to reduce shake. First of all, this component is required to photographers who have no tripod, or have an disease Parkinsona (just kidding).
In fact, using this tool can significantly improve a blurry photo.

1. The Camera Raw Filter!
You’ve probably already evaluated previously, the method of image processing using the built-in filter for cameras that support Raw format. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy processing photos in the JPEG format.

All items from those that you are accustomed to improve, also present in this filter is the sharpness, and contrast, and white color etc.

Other innovations of Photoshop CC will discuss in the next part of the review.


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