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Photoshop CC – new version – new functions (part 2)

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Photoshop CC

No doubt, Photoshop is the leader in the number of users who process the photos on their computers, and constantly listens to them and produces more sophisticated tools for editing images. In addition, if you are reading this article, you probably already tried Adobe Photoshop in action, and I found many attractive aspects to improve the appearance of your photo.
Below, we present a new plug-ins and tools built into the program itself, as well as their main advantages in comparison with other versions of this wonderful program.
1.Intelligent Upsampling
Produced a powerful analysis of the conversion to change the size of the image and its processing. The new algorithms significantly improve the results in increasing or decreasing photos.
Intelligent Upsampling is an intelligent boost sampling, which allows you to enhance photos, even of poor quality. Earlier, as soon as you tried to enlarge the picture, you received a set of pixels. Now this procedure has become far more sophisticated.
Main options:
Automatic: Photoshop evaluates the image and resizes it based on the type of photography and the kind of change – an increase or decrease in size.
Preserve Details (enlargement): Photoshop uses the slider for noise reduction processing, when the image is enlarged. This is useful if you have a picture with many details, such as the map or photo jewelry.
Bicubic Smoother (enlargement): Based on bicubic interpolation uses a smooth result. The best option for landscapes or portraits..
Bicubic Sharper (reduction): When you save the image and you need to leave as many details as possible..
Bicubic (smoother gradients): This method gives you the best gradients.
Nearest Neighbor (hard edges): Preserves hard edges and creates a smaller file. Can affect a scalloped effect. Not the best option.
Bilinear: Adds the pixels. Not the best option.

2.Conditional Actions
You used to create or to use the operations (actions) in Adobe Photoshop? Then the following info for you – now when you create an action to use conditional action. They work by using “If, Then, Or”, i.e. if you perform a certain action in the event of executing one of the conditions will occur further surgery.
For example, I need to adjust the image only on the condition that it will be in landscape mode. To do this, select the required condition and set the parameters for further action.
If you have to stop the action just for the sake of decision making, now the program will do it for you.
3.Editable Rounded Rectangles
Much improved handling of vector elements. It is especially possible to emphasize the utility, which can control the radius vector objects.
In addition, for each such object it is possible to take CSS code that greatly simplifies the work of designers and webmasters.

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