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Photoshop CC 2014 – new version, new features

Before we talk about innovations and changes in different versions of the popular program for editing photos, called Adobe Photoshop, as already introduced a new version – Photoshop CC 2014. Let’s look at the highlights and clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of new solutions Photoshop.
Photoshop CC 2014

How to see a cat in Photoshop we wrote earlier. Now we are interested in which tools have been added and what changed.
You can process your images faster, because the download of the program was noticeably “faster”.
In addition, if you have already installed this program, then when you install you will be prompted to replace the previous version parameters. This, however, applies only to certain installations, such as brushes, actions, etc
Photoshop was more in the truest sense of the word, this applies to the screen of your monitor. Don’t worry, with the screen nothing happens, just every time the developers increase the usable area for images, and often add new features and tools.
First of all, I would like to mention more advanced detail of objects and panels. No discomfort nothing, as usual instruments remained at the same places. Just change the font – it became more readable, as well as improved the rendering of panels.
As for the actual innovations, the developers have tried to glory. Now the user can increase the display quality of images for HD screens, and also add support for external devices. If you have a monitor with touch control, then you can try it in action.
Support of 3D printing is progressing every day, and Adobe is also trying to introduce this technology to the masses.
There was the technology, which is aimed at a more precise positioning of layers in Photoshop. For example, if you drag a photo in one of the corners of the canvas, you should see the special guidelines that more accurately will help to define the edges of the document.
Hold down the ALT key, taking the layer and moving it, you can see on the screen another new feature: workspace in this case will display the distance from the edges of the copied layer to the borders of the original layer (or, in ordinary words, how the new layer will be shifted vertically, horizontally).
Hold down the CTRL key, you can see that the motion of the layer will appear ancillary data – the distance from the layer to the edges of the canvas, and the distance between the layers of the image.
Now go to the “chips” of Photoshop.
The selection was one of the most strengths of this program. Now you have an additional option in this section – Focus Area. What is she doing?
There are 2 kinds of usage: manual and automatic. Take the example where you want to set focus on the main subject.
The default auto mode, it has a number of limitations and does not always work as expected.
If you want to fully edit the picture, then you need to use manual mode with the use of brushes and different settings. Settings further object help it to process photos. It is necessary to consider also that the preview is lagging.
Improved replacement content filling tool Content Aware.
Now that between a solid color there were no sharp transitions, you can use the function of chromatic adaptation.
The artifacts in this case does not appear in the joints, and the color looks more realistic.
You can also configure this tool in Photoshop CC 2014, and to control the level of color adaptation. For example, this setting appears when using tools Patch – Content Aware and also Content-Aware Move Tool.
Talk about the new filters. Now they have become even more advanced and sophisticated. In Photoshop CC 2014 there are several new blur filters.
Now user Photoshop can manage the filters of blur from a single panel, which is very convenient as it is usually applied several filters at the same time.
Learn more about how to apply this blur, we will talk in next lessons…
In the new version of Adobe Photoshop improved handling and Smart objects.
The opportunity to implement one smart object to another. For example, you want to convert it to a link to an external file by specifying the location on the external drive. You can also export all external files as a “package”.
To do this, go to the programs menu File-Package. Photoshop will create a new folder where you will put the project file and another folder with external files in the project are links. This is a very convenient way to export the data to another computer.
You now have less trouble with a new option – Typekit. With its help, you can specify which fonts to replace in case of their absence in the document and try to upload it manually.
In addition, there is a search for fonts. For these purposes, you need to enter the beginning of the name of the font, and the system will give the answer.
In the new Photoshop has support for video formats such as Sony RAW, Canon RAW. You can work with huge files (this is especially true for PNG files).
Well, of course now you can print on a 3D printer, as new technologies are introduced to the program almost immediately with their announcements.

Photoshop CC 2014