Photo lessons

Photographing babies from birth to 1 year

For many parents it is very important to capture your baby in the early years of his life, and the most important moments can be just days from birth to when he is still trying to get to his feet and is able only to crawl. In this article we will try to tell about what a photo shoot can be created in a given period of time.
Фотосъёмка малышей от рождения до 1 года

As for photography, this age will probably be the easiest for the photographer, as children age 1-5 months from birth basically sleep all day and lie. You can ask the baby’s mother put the child on a specially prepared sofa, bed or any other place, in advance, of course, preparing white or a different background for shooting.
Now let’s discuss the options of photography – it can be crawling or lying position of the baby. You may use a variety of toys and try to put the child in a fun and colorful outfits, etc. for Example, you can put him in a Bunny costume or a bear, and beside him place a carrot or berries, respectively. In addition, your photos will be very original, if you use a fun knitted houses.
Regarding the photography, you can do the following: remove the baby from different angles – so you can determine not only the most successful of them, but to do more funny image, crawling next to him will help him laugh. Also would be funny if You suddenly sneezed or coughed, but it is best to ask the mother of the child that amuses him the most. Many children love at this age balloons and soap bubbles, etc.
Important when photographing children to have a imagination – without it will be difficult to create original and beautiful photo shoot!